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About Me

Personal Statement

I love what I do! In fact, I can’t really think of anything I’d rather be doing. That is my greatest gift to you if you decide to become my client. If only everyone did what they love and are best at, and paid people to do the other things – everyone pursuing their own passions – the world would be a better place.

OK, I’ll start right out with it: I am a self-avowed perfectionist and a neurotically organized person.

Sometimes ones most annoying traits can also be their greatest assets. My very high expectations often exceed those of my clients. I have been told by clients who “get” this about me, that they don’t worry about the details or level of quality because if I am satisfied, they are convinced they will be.

I’m a list maker. I have lists of my lists. This is my secret to organization. I enjoy the process of organizing, even of organizing my lists. But while I love making lists, my favorite part is crossing things off of them.

I’m a type “A” personality and a prepetual problem solver. I love connecting the dots between client requirements and innovative design.

My work is conceptual; it evolves from an overriding idea or cluster of ideas. The concept helps inform the individual design decisions – layout, color, materials, furnishings and lighting. This pallet is layered and integrated with both client requirements and the limitations of the space.

My passions for travel and shopping continually get incorporated into my design process. I bring back fresh ideas and “finds” from the world’s antique shows, flea markets and junk yards. These treasures add cultural depth and creative variation to my eclectic interiors, adding elements of surprise, whimsy, and imaginative detail. Collegues have dubbed me “The Eye” because of an uncanny knack for honing in on the one intriguing item in a pile of junk.

I think big-picture, and outside the box. My solutions are not predictable; they are practical and playful. My intent is to imbue my spaces with personality and character. I take my cues from the family members: their personalities, interests, hobbies, collections, and lifestyle, insuring that each space is individual and personal to its inhabitants.

My projects are further informed by the architectural canvases upon which they are written. I have collaborated with some of Chicago’s best achitects including Garret Eakin, Lynn Meyers & Dana Terp, Pappageorge & Haimes, Linda Searl, Stuart Shayman, and John Thorpe.

My love of cooking (and eating) informs my kitchen designs (and my scale). I don’t know exactly what it is that feeds my love of designing bathrooms, but these are favorite aspects of my projects as well.

Most important, I love my clients… at least, most of them. I enjoy getting to know them, and using what I learn as inspiration for their projects. More than fifty percent of my work is repeat business. All of my buisiness comes by personal recommendation.



  • MFA – The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Interior Architecture Department – Chicago, IL – June, 1987
  • BA – Washington University, Art & Archaeology Department – St. Louis, MO September, 1965 – June, 1969
  • New Trier High School – Winnetka, IL – September, 1960 – June, 1965



  • Project Management for Interior Designers – David Rinderer – 1987
  • Financial Management for Interior Designers – David Rinderer – 1987
  • How to Market Your Interior Design Services – Stuart Rose – 1987


  • Lighting Fundamentals – 8-week intensive study program – William Weibel 1979
  • Display Lighting – James Benya – April, 1988
  • Lamps & Light Sources – James Benya – October, 1988
  • Lighting as a Design Element – Gerry Zekowski – October, 1988


  • Financial Forum, Harris Bank’s 10 week program on Personal Finance. 1995
  • 3-Day Workshop for Lighting Educators – General Electric – Nela Park, Cleveland, OH – August, 1989 and June, 1994
  • Lighting Seminar and Workshop – Lighting by Feder – New York, NY – 1983


1979 to Terri Weinstein Design, Inc. – Chicago, IL

Present Principal of Interior Design / Interior Architecture firm.

Completed projects include retail stores, professional and corporate offices, high-rise condominiums and single-family residences.

1973 – 1979 Freelance Photographic Stylist – Chicago, IL

Designed and supervised construction of room sets and tabletops for film, photography and television. Duties included prop, wardrobe and talent selection, meeting demanding deadlines and budget constraints.

1971 – 1973 Trans World Airlines, Inc. – Chicago, IL

Advertising and Promotion for Corporate Offices. Developed and executed programs to introduce and promote new services and routes.

1970 – 1971 Playboy Magazine – Chicago, IL

Assistant Photographic Stylist for Corporate Offices. Designed and propped sets and tabletops for editorial photography.

1969 – 1970 Chase Park Plaza Hotel – St. Louis, MO

Assistant Advertising and Promotion for Corporate Offices. Helped develop and execute programs and support material to promote the hotel, restaurants and other properties.


  • ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)
  • Elected board member
  • IES (Illuminating Engineering Society)


  • 1987-1997-Faculty at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Interior Architecture Dept
  • Developed/Taught full semester studios in Interior Architecture and Architectural Lighting
  • 1989-1992-Faculty at Harrington Institute of Design
  • Co-Developed the architectural lighting class taught at both Harrington Institute and The School of the Art Institute with Patrick Grzybek, architect
  • Designed/implemented full lighting laboratory for teaching and student experimentation at SAIC
  • Adult Education Programs: Latin School of Chicago, Parker School, Highland Park High School


  • Merchandise Mart Conferences
  • To designers and architects : Topics included: “Kitchen & Bath Design” (for Architectural Digest), “Lighting Design”, “Color and Light”, “How Light Manipulates Space”
  • To the public : Topics included: “Kitchen & Bath Design”, “Working with a Professional Designer”, “Accessorizing with Art and Antiques” (for Art & Antiques Magazine).
  • Design Center, Washington, D.C.
  • To designers and architects : “Lighting Design”
  • AIA (American Institute of Architects) Concept Chicago Conference
  • To designers and architects: ”How Light Manipulates Space”


  • Installation at The Art Institute of Chicago, Children’s museum.
  • A viewer activated study of simultaneous color contrast: color, light and human perception.


  • NorthShore Magazine-Sept. 2003 “A Design for Living” by Mary McGuire.
  • Il Bagno Oggi E Domani, Aug.-Sept. 2000
  • Kitchen & Bath Ideas, Winter 1998
  • Kitchen & Bath Ideas, Fall 1998
  • Design Conceps, Fall 1997
  • Easy Style, Ed. James D. Blume, (Meredith Publications, Des Moines, Ia) 1998
  • The Home Office Book, Donna Paul (Artisan Publishing, New York), 1996
  • New York Times, December, 1996
  • Chicago Sun-Times, numerous articles
  • Chicago Tribune, numerous articles
  • Daily Herald, numerous articles
  • Windy City Times, September, 1994
  • Residential Lighting, May, 1994
  • Inland Architect, November/December, 1991


  • Residences in Chicago, Chicago’s North Shore, Hyde Park, Oak Park, New York City, Bozeman, New Buffalo, Palm Beach, and Michiana
  • ORT Resale Shop, Highland Park, IL
  • Maas International Corporate Headquarters, Willowbrook, IL
  • Bozell & Jacobs Advertising Agency, President’s Office, Chicago, IL
  • The Schram Advertising Agency Corporate Offices, Northbrook, IL


  • 1997-8 Discovery Channel program: Interview w/Designer, Subject: Designer’s apartment. Aired thru 1998. Title: “Walls of Wonder”
  • 1998 Judge: Halo Lighting Competition
  • 1997 Room Design, Merchandise Mart – Celebrations at Home -Barbara Pearlman Design Atelier.
  • 1997 ASID Showhouse room, Evanston, IL.
  • 1995 Judge – IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) Competition
  • 1988 and 1989 Design Consultation – Eva Maddox Associates – Chicago, IL


  • Pro bono design/construction implementation of resale shop for Women’s American Ort.
  • Produced 3 events raising more than ¼ million dollars to fund AIDS vaccine research. Mobilized the collective energy and creativity of a group of designers and architects to impact the AIDS pandemic.
  • Read about it. Go to: (Please scroll to page 32.)


“Her signature style [is] a combination of the sleek and the unexpected.” – Donna Paul, The Home Office Book, 1996

“Uninhibited and vibrant, [Terri Weinstein's Design] combines undulating concrete and a collection of spirited furnishings… With a distinct aura of contemportay playfulness.” – Victoria Lautman, Chicago Tribune Magazine, Sept. 25, 1994

“Now that interior designer Terri Weinstein has added her decorating expertise, the room sizzles with color, industrial strength, texture and dynamic personality.” – Elaine Markoutsas, Kitchen and Bath Ideas/Winter, 1998/1999

“[Terri Weinstein] spins life and vigor into the apartment.” – Elaine Markoutsas, Kitchen and Bath Ideas/Winter, 1998/1999

“Terri Weinstein overhauled [the apartment] with more energy than a bolt of lightning. Shunning the square shape of the apartment, Terri threw it a few curves.” – Elaine Markoutsas, Kitchen and Bath Ideas/Winter, 1998/1999

“The depth of [her] imagination abounds… she tiled the shower with an interpretation of Picasso’s Guernica.” – Mary Maguire, North Shore Magazine, Sept. 2003

“Interested in everything, a great traveler, always looking for a language able to express and communicate her desire for fun and joy.” – Elena Luraghi, Ilbagno, Aug/Sept. 2000